Health Center

Health Focus of Southwest Virginia’s Online Health Center

Health Focus has been centered on the health and wellness of local residents since it’s founding as the Lewis-Gale Foundation. However, Health Focus has recently taken its first steps to become a more relevant resource for health and wellness, including:

Health Library

To better serve the digital needs of local residents, Health Focus has invested in an online database of health and wellness information.


A-Z Listing of Conditions

As part of the online health database, Health Focus offers a list of conditions that will help patients better understand the symptoms of conditions they may be experiencing.





Support Groups

Health Focus provides services and facilities for several support groups in the area.


Fitness Classes

Exercise classes for all levels of experience including Step Aerobics, Adaptive Yoga, and Hatha Yoga.


Health Resources

From Nursing Alumnae to a history of the medical field in Southwest Virginia, Health Focus offers the public access to numerous health resources.